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Medical Esthetician Salary

A career in medical esthetics can be extremely rewarding and interesting, giving you the opportunity to use all kinds of skills and treatments to help patients of all sorts. It can also be financially rewarding, with a clear career progression, the opportunity to start you own business if you want to, and good salaries.

It takes less than a year for most people to qualify in medical esthetics (depending on state licensing requirements and how many hours of study and practical experience a student puts in in a week), and there are plenty of jobs in all kinds of interesting settings, such as hospitals, private doctors’ practices, oncology wards, dermatology clinics and even patients’ homes. Private clinics and doctors’ offices tend to offer the best salaries.

How much do medical estheticians earn on average?

Because the medical esthetics industry includes people working in lots of different settings and specializing in treating different kinds of patients, the average salary range is quite broad. Most estheticians in the USA earn between $25,000 and $56,000 per year, though there are some who earn more and some newly qualified medical estheticians or part time workers who earn less. These figures are based on recent surveys by industry and labor agencies, and are median averages that don’t take region into account.

How much you can earn will vary depending on location, with medical estheticians in big cities tending to earn more, and a reasonably association between salary and cost of living between states.

Medical estheticians can work on either a full or part time basis, and obviously this will also impact how much money they take home. Some medical estheticians may also get tips for their work, but this is far rarer than in salon based commercial and cosmetic esthetics.

How can a medical esthetician increase their earning potential?

If a medical esthetician wants to increase their earning power, they can undertake more training to allow them to be able to offer more specialized treatments, and can also move up in their career into positions in management. The alternative, for those who are confident in their esthetics skills and also keen on networking and running their own business, is to start your own medical esthetics service and work with your own patients, or work at doctors’ offices on a freelance basis.

If you are especially interested in starting your own business then you can take additional business and management courses when you are studying for your medical esthetician license to give you some additional knowledge and a potential leg up.