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How to Become a Hair Stylist

There are many reasons why becoming a hair stylist can be a very attractive career. It is a job with high rates of job satisfaction according to surveys by organizations like the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and it is also a highly in demand job that allows you to find work almost anywhere in the world. Working as a hair stylist also remains a relatively safe industry to be in in times of economic trouble, because people still need these services.

In addition to being a satisfying and secure thing to do, there are other reasons why becoming a hair stylist can be appealing. These include:

  • It is a practical job where you can be creative.
  • You get to meet and talk to lots of people.
  • There is good career progression.
  • There are lots of different specialisms you can learn.
  • You can do it on a self employed basis or work for a salon, depending on what you prefer.
  • You can work part time if you want to.

One of the other good things about becoming a hair stylist is that the training doesn’t take as long or cost as much as a college degree, so it is something you can do as a career change later in life if you want to, or that you can start doing straight from high school if you get your training done alongside your high school studies.

How to get training as a hair stylist while you’re in high school

If you’d like to be a hair stylist when you leave school, talk to your school and find out if they have any partnerships with community colleges, beauty schools or vocational schools where you can train for part of your school time, while staying in high school for the rest of your week to finish your general education. If you begin training early enough, you can even be ready and qualified to start applying for jobs at hair salons as soon as you graduate!

How to get training as a hair stylist after high school, or as a second career

If you have already finished high school, even if it was quite some time ago, you can still easily begin training as a hair stylist. You will need to find a beauty school or vocational college who offer the training you need to start up as a hair stylist in your state, and apply. Providing you are accepted by the school, you’ll be able to begin studying to be a hair stylist as soon as their term begins. This could be full time or part time, depending on the course length and college you choose, so it can even be done alongside your current job or while raising your family.

What is hair stylist training like?

When you are training to be a hair stylist, you will get plenty of practical demonstrations of the techniques you’ll be learning, as well as opportunities to practice cutting, coloring and styling real hair. Beauty schools offer low cost hair cuts and other beauty treatments so that people will come and have trainees work on them, so you will get to work with real customers during your training under the supervision of your teachers. You will also get to practice hair styling on the other people in your class, and this can be a lot of fun and help you make new friends, as well as meaning you will always have great hair while you’re in training!

In addition to the practical sessions, you’ll also do a lot of classroom based studying. You will need to learn a lot of theoretical things, including the effects of different chemicals on the hair, and all about the kinds of products you’ll be using. There is quite a lot of science involved in the world of hair styling, so be prepared to learn and be tested on more than just your creative and practical abilities.

All in all, hair stylist training is challenging and interesting, and well suited to people who enjoy a hands on learning style. Once you have qualified and started working, you can also return for more training when you want to learn additional or specialist skills.