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Hair Stylist Salary

If you are considering a career in the hair styling industry, then you are probably wondering how much you can expect to earn. Because the term “hair stylist” covers a lot of different people and jobs, from the people trimming and blow drying hair in your local salon through to those styling the actors’ hair for blockbuster movies, as you might expect the salary range for hair stylists is a vast one, and even the averages sit across a pretty big range because stylists’ salaries also vary a lot by region.

The median salary range for hair stylists of all kinds was estimated by Bureau of Labor Statistics to sit at around $23,000 per year. Of all of the hair stylists included in these figures, 10% made more than $41,000 per year, however, so it is clear what a broad range of salaries can be earned by a hair stylist, or even by the same hair stylist as they progress through their career.

There are also many hair stylists who operate on a self employed basis, as mobile hair stylists or from their own homes. These stylists choose their own working hours and decide how much to charge themselves based on what is appropriate in their area and for the kind of clients they work with. A lot of bridal hair stylists work for themselves, for example, and they tend to charge quite high rates for the specialized work they do, though they obviously can’t build up regular client bases in the same way as conventional hair stylists. The BLS estimates the earnings of self employed hair stylists of all types across the USA as between $24,000 and $56,000 for those who work full time.

Hair stylists also make quite a lot of money in tips, whether they are salon based or work on location or from home. The amount a hair stylist makes in tips will vary depending on the kind of work he or she does. Stylists offering high value, expensive services like complicated coloring jobs or specialist occasion styling will tend to earn the most in tips as customers tend to tip a percentage of the cost of the work they have done, so even stylists on the same hourly wage may earn dramatically different tips. How much you make will also depend on salon policies regarding whether you keep your own tips or they are pooled and shared between all staff.