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Esthetician Salary

If you are interested in working in the field of esthetics, and would like to know how much money you can potentially make as a professional esthetician, then this is actually a more complicated question to answer than for many jobs. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics does offer a figure in terms of the average salaries of estheticians working in America today, and it is around $28,900, this is a median average with a huge range on either side of it. Here we look at some of the factors that affect how much an esthetician can earn.

How many hours do you want to work?

A normal full time working week for an esthetician will be at around 40 hours, and will normally include weekend work, but because an esthetician deals with one client at a time it is the kind of job you can do full time, over full time, or part time. Obviously employers will have their own demands, and you may not be able to get a part time job with the one you want, but as a career it is highly flexible in terms of hours. Naturally, this will have a huge effect on how much you earn, whether you are on an annual salary or hourly wage.

What treatments and services will you provide?

Some esthetician treatments are more specialized, technical and in demand than others, and if you are trained and qualified in these you will be able to command a higher wage than other esthetics workers. The more expensive a treatment is for your clients, typically the more money you will make from being able to do it, so as you look to build new skills you should consider new treatments and innovations on the market that are going to add real value in your repertoire of services.

Where will you work?

An esthetician can work in all kinds of different settings, from normal salons through to high end luxury spas, and they can also work from their own homes or visit clients at home. There are also medical estheticians who work in doctors’ offices, clinics and hospitals helping patients with specialized skincare needs. How much you earn will be largely dependent both on what type of place you work in, and the area you work in. There is a difference in earnings from state to state for estheticians, as with most professions, and people tend to earn more in large cities than in smaller towns where there are less places offering esthetic treatments.


Estheticians are usually tipped by customers, and this can add thousands on to your income. How well you can do out of tips depends both on the value of the services you give your clients (who will usually tip a percentage of the bill for their treatment), and on your employers’ policy on whether you keep your own tips or pool them with other people working in the salon.