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Cosmetologist Salary

Cosmetology refers to many of the jobs in the beauty and hair industry. A cosmetologist can be a general beautician, a make up artist, a hair colorist, a barber, a manicurist and pedicurist, perform facials, do waxing, threading and other hair removal procedures, or do specialized treatments like electrolysis. Cosmetologists can also work in all kinds of different environments, including down town salons, luxury resort spas, TV and movie sets, on location at clients’ homes, on cruise ships, and even from their own homes.

What is a typical cosmetologist salary?

Because the term cosmetologist refers to so many different jobs and specialisms and the conditions are so diverse, it is obviously quite difficult to define how much a typical cosmetologist earns. There are also significant increases in wage that come as every cosmetologist works up through the industry, becoming more experienced and offering more complicated services.

Both the United States Department of Labor and the National Accrediting Commission Cosmetology Arts & Sciences have statistics showing the averages for cosmetologist earnings, and they both demonstrate that a good cosmetologist working in a salon can earn up to $50,000 a year. At the bottom end of the average ranges, cosmetologists will earn around $23,000 per year, but this is often at the start of a long career where earnings can go up pretty fast as experience is gained.

What other factors can affect a cosmetologist’s salary?

These statistics don’t take into account a number of other factors that can affect a cosmetologist’s earnings. You will generally make a lot of money in tips, for one thing, but how much will depend on the policies of your employer. Some salons will split the tips all of their cosmetologists make between the team, whereas others will let you keep your own. If you are self employed, you will obviously get to keep all your tips, but you will have other expenses like buying your own equipment.

Another factor that will affect the earning potential you have as a cosmetologist is your working pattern. It is usual for salon based full time cosmetologists to work 40 hours a week or even more, but it is a career suited to part time workers as well.

A third thing that will have an effect on how much you earn will be the services you offer. The vast range of different products and techniques available in the beauty world mean that even in one area, like hair, nails or skin, there are different things you can do, some expensive and niche, like electrolysis, others very mainstream, like acrylic nails. How in demand and how valuable your services are will have an impact on what you will earn. You can always take additional training to add new skills, allowing you to offer more services and increase your earning potential.