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A hair stylist is the broad term given to someone who works with hair from a cosmetic perspective. It can apply to barbers, who work with men’s hair, and hair stylists who cut, color and style ladies’ hair in salons. There are also hair stylists who work in specific industries, such as hair stylists who style models’ hair for fashion shoots and runway shows, and the ones who work on TV and movie sets to create the right looks for actors. Some hair stylists also specialize in certain things, for example those who specialize in bridal hair styles, or who specialize in coloring hair.

How does someone become a hair stylist?

The career path and training for all of these kinds of hair stylists essentially starts off the same, as hair stylists who specialize tend to do this later in their careers after they have worked as a regular salon stylist.

Starting training as a hair stylist can be done at any time, so your route into a career in hair styling will differ depending on your current situation. If you are still in high school, you can often start training while you are still in school, attending classes at a vocational school or community college part time while still going to high school part time as well. This could mean that you can be qualified to start applying for jobs as a stylist as soon as you graduate high school, and will still have a decent education in other areas like math, science and English.

If you are older and want to start training to be a hair stylist, you should look to start studying at a beauty school. If you know any good hair stylists (for example the person who cuts your own hair), you could ask them where they qualified, or simply check online for local beauty schools with openings on hair courses. Studying hair dressing is usually around a 50/50 mix of practical training, where you get to cut, color and style hair, and classroom training where you’ll learn technical things, like how a lot of the products and chemicals used in a salon affect the hair and where and when you should use them.

What does a hair stylist earn?

Being a hair stylist is the kind of career where the sky is really the limit in terms of what you can earn. Some top stylists even become famous themselves and get to launch their own products, and many others get to work with celebrity clients. Of course, these are usually the most talented stylists who have been able to work in the right areas, and for a normal salon based stylist starting out their earnings should be seen more as something to aspire to than something that can be quickly achieved by anyone in the business!

The average wage for a qualified hair stylist is estimated to be around $23,000, or just over $11 an hour. There are, however, a lot of factors that will affect how much an individual stylist gets paid, for example the area they are working in, how prestigious and expensive the salon they work for is, and their place in the salon’s hierarchy. Many salons have different levels of stylists who command different rates, so when you start out you’ll be a low level and receive a low hourly wage, but you can work your way up by gaining new skills and experience. The top stylists in a good local salon will command a good salary, with the pay range for senior hair stylists and salon managers estimated at around $41,000.

There are also a lot of self employed hair stylists who don’t work for a salon and set their own hourly rates, often visiting clients or having them come to their houses rather than working from a salon base. This is a popular option for hair stylists who want flexible hours, or those who specialize in “on location” work like wedding hair. Again, how much they earn depends a lot on the area and the quality of work they do, but the pay range for a full time self employed hair stylist is estimated to be between $23,000 and $56,000.