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Employment Opportunities for the Cosmetologist

1. Stylist
2. Nail Technician
3. Esthetician
4. Make-up Artist
5. Theatrical Make-up Artist
6. Platform Artist
7. Salon Manager
8. Salon Owner
9. Manufacturer’s Representative
10. Cosmetic Advisor
11. Consultant
12. Instructor
13. Member of State Board

Employment Opportunities for the Nail Technician

1. Nail Technology
2. Manufacturer’s Representative
3. Nail artistry Specialist
4. Theatrical Specialty
5. Consultant


  • Cosmetologist Salary

    Cosmetology refers to many of the jobs in the beauty and hair industry. A cosmetologist can be a general beautician, a make up artist, a hair colorist, a barber, a manicurist and pedicurist, perform facials, do waxing, threading and other hair removal procedures, or do specialized treatments like electrolysis. Cosmetologists

  • Cosmetology

     A career in cosmetology can be exciting and lucrative, and can offer you a chance to work creatively as well as meeting lots of people. Cosmetology is a broad term that covers a wide variety of different types of work. It essentially refers to working as an expert in the

  • How to Become a Cosmetologist

    Cosmetology is a fascinating and exciting industry to work in, with a diverse range of different things you can do as well as places where you can work. The term “cosmetologist” refers to anyone who specializes in cosmetics and the fields relating to beauty and personal appearance, and includes both



  • Medical Esthetician Salary

    A career in medical esthetics can be extremely rewarding and interesting, giving you the opportunity to use all kinds of skills and treatments to help patients of all sorts. It can also be financially rewarding, with a clear career progression, the opportunity to start you own business if you want

  • Medical Esthetician

    Esthetics is a term most people associate with salon based professionals, providing beauty treatments like facials, eyebrow shaping and hair removal. In actual fact, there is also a huge demand for people with esthetics specialisms in the medical world. Medical estheticians are in many ways similar to mainstream estheticians in

  • How to Become a Medical Esthetician

    There are lots of great careers in the beauty and skin care industries, but few are as interesting and rewarding as working as a medical esthetician. A medical esthetician provides a lot of the same treatments and has a lot of the same skills as a standard esthetician who might


Hair Stylist

  • How to Become a Hair Stylist

    There are many reasons why becoming a hair stylist can be a very attractive career. It is a job with high rates of job satisfaction according to surveys by organizations like the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and it is also a highly in demand job that allows you to find

  • Hair Stylist Salary

    If you are considering a career in the hair styling industry, then you are probably wondering how much you can expect to earn. Because the term “hair stylist” covers a lot of different people and jobs, from the people trimming and blow drying hair in your local salon through to

  • Hair Stylist

    A hair stylist is the broad term given to someone who works with hair from a cosmetic perspective. It can apply to barbers, who work with men’s hair, and hair stylists who cut, color and style ladies’ hair in salons. There are also hair stylists who work in specific industries,